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SQL Server Compare & Synchronize Tool

DB SynchroComp 4.0 released!

SQL Server 2005 compatible





Downsize the time you spend comparing and synchronizing two Microsoft SQL databases. DB SynchroComp is the ultimate professional tool for the SQL Server developers and DBAs.  

The unique and unbeatable features it has, cannot be found elsewhere.

DB SynchroComp compares two Microsoft SQL Server databases and determines the differences between them. From there, it generates a script and changes the target database structure to match the source database structure. The two databases are now fully synchronized. Moreover, the existing data in the target database remain completely intact.

DB SynchroComp synchronizes all types of SQL Server objects: tables, views, indexes, primary and foreign keys, unique constraints, check constraints, rules, stored procedures, triggers, functions, etc.

DB SynchroComp absolutely unique features:

  • copes with the object dependences successfully without relying on the sysdepends table; instead, it operates according to its own algorithm
  • detects all new fields, which do not allow null values and the generation of the sync script will not be possible without defining them first
  • Connection Manager - helps you to organize your connections; to classify Microsoft SQL Servers into groups, divide groups into subgroups etc. It has a history of connections for recomparing the databases without reentering the connection parameters
  • extremely simple user interface
  • reliable and lightning fast!

and much more can be found at product page.

More details on added features and history of DB SynchroComp revisions can be found at what's new page.

SQL Server Comparison & Synchronization Steps:  

Connect to server(s), choose the source and target database and compare them:

Synchronization - step 1    

Examine the differences; in case you do not want to synchronize all the objects you can easily exclude any of them. Generate the sript.


Synchronization - step 2    
Execute the script.

Synchronization - step 3
Congratulations, no more differences!

Synchronization - step 4



"DB SynchroComp has proved to be an invaluable tool for our business. The support we have received from e-dule has been first rate - all of our feature requests have been added to the product making it even more powerful and easy for us to use."

Robert West

"DBSynchrocomp has saved me tons of development hours and remains the best product of this kind I know of."

Torsten Heinze

"We looked at the [NOTE: name removed] products, and yours is simpler, faster and runs the scripts, all round a much much better tool."

Nick Scales

"... and all compliments to DBSC, and to the author as well. I tried other tools, but I have not found any that can be used in professional environment."

Nikola Smirčić


"Since our customer databases contain critical financial data we must be sure that no data are being lost when we are upgrading the database. I have tried a lot of different sql-sync programs, but my experience is that DBSC generates the safest script to preserve data, it is the most timesaving and has a simple user interface."

Tord Nilsen
Elfo AS


"This has been an invaluable tool to me while updating my beta sites. I am going through rapid development/release cycles that usually require extensive additions/modifications to the architecture of the database. It could sometimes take me hours to perform an update at a single site. DBSynchroComp has literally reduced this to minutes and I never have to worry about the accuracy of the results.The support is great as well. I highly recommend DBSyncroComp to anyone with a need to quickly and accurately synchronize db schema."

Jeff Baldwin

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