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Comparing and Synchronizing Microsoft SQL Server Databases (Step 2)

2. Comparing the databases - DB SynchroComp compares the SQL Server databases and determines what actions are necessary to be taken in order to synchronize the databases

Comparing the databases

After you connect to the SQL Servers, DB SynchroComp will compare the two databases and show all the differences. By default, the main program window is divided into three parts. The first one, called the "Differences view", shows objects that are different in two databases.
The database objects are graphically displayed in a hierarchical structure. Only those objects that differ in a way are shown. If the two objects exist in both databases, but are different, then the row in which they appear is colored in blue. If an object exists only in one database, the row in which it appears is colored in red and the object is displayed only in the database where it exists. Two other parts of the main program window are used to show the SQL script for object creation in the source and target database.


"This tool for comparison and synchronization has a visual and easy-to-deal-with interface both at the stage of selecting databases to be compared and when viewing the comparison results. The software has a lot of options for comparing objects and a detailed visual help. Synchronization script is displayed in the separate window with the sql syntax highlighting; you can edit it before saving or executing."

Igor Shekalev

"DBSynchrocomp has saved me tons of development hours and remains the best product of this kind I know of."

Torsten Heinze

"We looked at the [NOTE: name removed] products, and yours is simpler, faster and runs the scripts, all round a much much better tool."

Nick Scales

"... and all compliments to DBSC, and to the author as well. I tried other tools, but I have not found any that can be used in professional environment."

Nikola Smirčić


"Since our customer databases contain critical financial data we must be sure that no data are being lost when we are upgrading the database. I have tried a lot of different sql-sync programs, but my experience is that DBSC generates the safest script to preserve data, it is the most timesaving and has a simple user interface."

Tord Nilsen
Elfo AS


"This has been an invaluable tool to me while updating my beta sites. I am going through rapid development/release cycles that usually require extensive additions/modifications to the architecture of the database. It could sometimes take me hours to perform an update at a single site. DBSynchroComp has literally reduced this to minutes and I never have to worry about the accuracy of the results.The support is great as well. I highly recommend DBSyncroComp to anyone with a need to quickly and accurately synchronize db schema."

Jeff Baldwin